June 7, 2010

Hi friends

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Welcome to the newly reconfigured site. It looks similar to the site built for us by the lovely and charming Priya Varadachary, but recently, our friend Raymond Sohn, like a poison amazon water spider stalking an ill-fated frog on a lily pad, has surreptitiously injected the little froggy (website) from below with a fast acting enzyme that has dissolved the inner structure of the frog and then sucked all the internal goo out. In the Amazon this would be the end of the frog, and nutrition for the spider, but in today’s world of tomorrow, the fluid-reduced frog interior was discarded and a whole new interior frog support-system built, all out of sight from beneath the lily pad; with rocket science Raymond has resurrected the startled frog and it is good to go. The frog will thrive from newly developed sidereal multi-dimensional numberless universes that are easier to trade out for other abstract codes which are deciphered before your gaze without you knowing. The frog will feature an evolved blog. To encourage sightseers to visit the new blog, which I promise to write occasionally, we are signing up newly registering visitors and will give away the drawing portrayed herewith to a randomly selected lucky mailing list joiner. The winner will be determined on Halloween 2010. The drawing is much like the custom drawings (ink and wash on 3 ply strathmore kid finish, 6×8 inches), but is something I thought up this time and the key words were: friends, menace, killer-shrews.

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  1. You call us friends because we wear the same glasses. But here in hillbilly heaven, there’s more sparks flying from cut-offs than carburetors these days, and I think it is somehow all the fault of big city artists such as yourself not paying enough attention to OTHER PEOPLES problems instead of your own.

    You have been warned, now don’t pretend that you didn’t.

    Comment by Tony Patti — June 12, 2010 @ 3:28 pm

  2. I think it is nicer to start by saying “Hi friends” than “Hey, you jerks” or something. “Hey, you jerks seems” seems not as good. Even if i don’t know you personally, even if we never met, it seems better. It is just an expression, yet, I do know thousands of people, some of whom are friends and will read this, so in those cases, at least, the greeting is not rhetorical. Thanks for your puzzling comment and warning.

    Comment by Gary Panter — June 12, 2010 @ 4:36 pm

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