I've worked with Paul Reubens for many years on a variety of Pee Wee Herman projects. One of the coolest was designing Pee Wee's Playhouse for CBS television with Paul and Ric Heitzman and Wayne White and scores of other artists. Doing a tv show takes a big team and we had many great teams. For the Pee Wee sets we try to put the viewer in a three-dimensional collage of American kitsch and painting styles of many eras. Though the sets are very chaotic there are really many composed visual elements; color, texture, scale and material. We wanted to create a place where there are great objects and shape compositions everywhere the camera might point. We needed to make a place that would have room for the cast and crew to do their jobs and was exciting to be in. Paul was the guiding force of the design project and a pretty amazing guy to be around. I hope we will do more Pee Wee stuff together.