Custom Drawing

Limited time offer 3.0. Customized drawing by GP for you. 6 x 8" ink-drawing on 3-ply Strathmore bristol. On the subject of your choice (within reasonably wide parameters of taste). You provide one-to-three keywords (see samples below) and the artist will free associate thereupon. The drawing will be signed to your name or initials. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your art.

May we reserve the right to reproduce your personal masterpiece here as an example of the art? THE DRAWINGS TO THE RIGHT ARE EXAMPLES.

Often I am selling art objects for thousands of dollars and I hope to continue doing that; however I realize that a lot of the people who like my work don't have thousands of dollars with which to purchase fine art. So for a limited time, I am offering this reasonably-priced little drawing in case you do want a drawing by me for you.

When buying fine artwork it is important to have a clear idea of what you are getting. Ownership of art can be divided into two basic parts.
1. Ownership of the art object
2. Ownership of the intellectual rights, or copyright.

Typically, when a collector buys a work of art, she or he is buying the art object which then may be displayed and kept or eventually sold by the collector. The artist retains the copyright, which is the right to reproduce and profit from the image apart from the art object. For example, the collector can't make shirts of the art and sell them. That remains the right of the artist.

So, the artist owns the idea and the image and may continue to profit from, reproduce, or do versions of that idea. The collector stands to gain from the resale of an object in demand.

girls, monsters
peculiar, obsolete
warning label
chiburi monster
godzilla, friendship
el santo